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The “KIDS 4 CYBER” workshop kit

As part of ICON’s actions, we are providing a ready- to-use kit to create a workshop and explore the cyber space with future generations.

The goal is to think together about the issues of cyberspace. To discover and open the field of possibilities of new technologies and their applications.

This kit has been released by ICON’s education experts Jean-Henry Morin, Associate Professor at the Institute of Information Service Science and Geneva School of Social Sciences – University of Geneva, and Didier Schretter, President of the EAAME – European Association for Audiovisual Media Education.

  • Privacy

  • Education & AI

  • Protection & Censorship

  • Games & Addiction

  • Virtual & real world

  • Robots & older people

  • Right to be forgotten

  • Social ranking

  • Virtual, augmented & mixed reality

  • Sex Robots

  • Health & Tracking

Kit preview

Looking for coaching?

ICON can provide specialized facilitators who have the experience of young audiences. ICON also offers workshops for groups, as well as more comprehensive workshops with activities related to cyber security, hacking, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

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