open geneva 2019

Nexus conference at FER Genève on March 19 2019 : “The cybervictim and the future”. What will be the status of the victims of cyberspace at the dawn of 2046 and what could our judicial system do to help them?

ICON 2018 event

As the initiator of this brand new project, ICON NGO is partnering with MCI and cybersecurity thought-leaders to organize the “The journey to digital trust” two-day event, and to create a unique platform around this topic.


In April 2018, ICON organized as a partner a workshop on cyber security for participants of Smart City Hack #2 in Geneva.

SMEs & cyber security: let’s take action!

March 9, 2018, in partnership with ICON During a morning of conferences and exchanges, the Department of Security and Economy wishes to encourage Geneva companies to protect themselves from the risks generated by digitisation.


March 7, 2018, launch of ICON at 42 in Paris. Meeting and workshop in co-creation between industry (80 VIPs), students of 42, hackers, experts and specialists in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and ICT. The famous evening where Louis Pouzin named us the ICONIENS!

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