Members profiles are varied and composed of hackers, cyber security and artificial intelligence experts.

An international community of experts working on trust in cyberspace

Based in Geneva, the NGO ICON brings together a European and international community of experts and specialists working on trust in cyberspace, with an emphasis on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Through concrete actions, innovative tools and the sharing of best practices, the ICON NGO seeks to trigger awareness to share, demystify and decode the information society in order to bring confidence in the digital world.

With over 100 members worldwide, ICON NGO has established an ethics commission and a legal commission.

3 founders and a steering committee

One of ICON’s strengths is the complementary profiles of its founders and decision-making bodies

Active members

Aurélien Hugues

Aymane Segnidi


Brice Seiler

Christophe Frey

David Ferreira

David Lozoya

David Marclay

Éloi Desbazeille

Eric Detoisien

Florence Antez

Gaël Delalleau

Jean-Henry Morin

Jules Denardou

Michael Pamingle

Nicolas Frey

Paul Wang

Pierre Delannoy

Renaud Feil

Richard Baumgartner

Samuel Dixneuf

Thibault Soubiran

Ubavka Nikolova

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