The journey to digital trust

Bring trust and humanize the digital world

ICON is a Non Gouvernemental Organisation that federates a European community working on trust in cyberspace.

The common objective is to bring about a conscious reaction through vulgarization and decodage of the information society for the civil society. ICON carries out concrete actions and exploration for future generations in the field of new technologies with a focus on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Come join a great team of students, faculty, and researchers at an amazing location in the center of Europe and hack some cool stuff! 🐝🐝🐝 Group page:

Looking forward to hosting @LakeCTF 🌊🏔️ this Saturday with @polygl0ts, @ICepfl, and @EPFL_en featuring the top 10 qualified teams from all over the world with great challs that extend beyond tick 196. News article: CTF page:

US claims: since 2018
👉🏼+38 police service stations, +12 of countries, 5 ≠ continents, used by #China #police back such as persuasion to return.

#stalkerware: +300,000 devices/victims, +1000 of calls, +Millions texto, 470,000 📸 &🎥 collected incl. #children

Nous avons récemment mis en ligne, un nouvel outil pour explorer les données en open data.

Ce dernier est plein de surprise ⬇️

@smetille @taswiss @Anouch le droit à l'effacement existe, mais pas dans la finance, ni dans la sécurité publique, ni, ni.. dans les jeux vidéo où la nouvelle loi veux vérifier notre identité. Ce droit n'est pas en mis en oeuvre en réalité. Il a besoin d'une dimension supérieure.

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