A Capture The Flag competition will take place on September 14 in Geneva during ICON 2018, a two-days event around cyber security and artificial intelligence.

8 teams will fight for the rescue of NOCI, a fantasy hyper-connected city. Qualified teams will meet in person in Geneva for more than 8 hours of hacking, working on challenges on the following topics: Reverse engineering, IOT, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Governance and more fun… The 8 top teams will be qualified for the final event in Geneva at the famous “Maison de la Paix”.

Ces hackers qui luttent pour le bien

Vous connaissez la différence entre un bon et un mauvais hacker ? La réponse, c’est juste là.
Nouvo News, 24.09.2018, 20h00

Join us at #Nexus conference March 19th - 6pm at FER https://t.co/fSR4YZavQQ #OpenGeneva @GE_DGDERI @ICON_ONG @opengeneva
Pierre Maudet, Paul Wang, Jenna (McKnight) Kriebel Nelly MOFFETT Fabio Sofia @chavarriagaBCI @Sharada Mohanty @Dr_JMRickli… https://t.co/YdqQ8t3SjN

Join us at #OpenGeneva #Nexus conference at FER Genève on March 19 2019 https://t.co/by1ijB5pOc
I'll be presenting with Pierre Maudet Jenna (McKnight) Kriebel Nelly MOFFETT Fabio Sofia @chavarriagaBCI @Sharada Mohanty @Dr_JMRickli…https://t.co/BufOExGv2q https://t.co/BwUtwQCwLD

Live hackathon humans rights #FIFDH in Geneva @kirannazish @Heraclite

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Help us by spreading the message that #women make #peace and #security possible! RT and share your hopes for #women across the world! #IWD2019

Votre adresse électronique a-t-elle été piratée ? Deux adresses pour le vérifier: https://t.co/jOvwwYkFo5 ou https://t.co/P2ZAGmrF6K

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Voir le débat en entier : https://t.co/OibaQwjQ4t

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